Body Paragraph

How to Start a Body Paragraph in an Essay?

If you are a student, you must know how to construct essays and paragraphs. This seems to be one of the basic things every student must know about academic writing. Five-paragraph essays are some of the most common forms of academic writing. Teachers love them passionately, because they are brief and allow them to evaluate students’ knowledge and skills. In all respects, writing a five-paragraph essay is a challenge. It requires brevity. It also demands perfect knowledge of English spelling, grammar, and syntax. Regardless of the topic, a five-paragraph essay should be thoroughly organized to include only the most relevant information. It should always contain the following components:

  • Introduction
  • Body paragraph No. 1
  • Body paragraph No. 2
  • Body paragraph No. 3
  • Concluding remarks.

Introduction – Before the First Essay Body Paragraph

In your introductory passage, you must provide comprehensive information about the problem and topic. This information must be presented in ways that would fascinate the reader. Remember that the introduction is the starting point of your paper. It is your initial encounter with the reader, and you must provide enough argumentation to convince him or her to read your paper. A perfect introduction is that, which has a strong and debatable thesis statement. It can be one- or two-sentence long. A good introduction will create a good picture of the future paper. After reading it, a person will make a grounded decision as to whether he or she should proceed with it. Don’t forget about attention getters. Capture your readers’ attention. Make them stick to your paper. Develop a thesis that reflects your position. Advertise your paper. Make it attractive.

Time to Learn the Essay Body Paragraph Structure

So, this is the time you learn how to structure your essay body paragraphs. The first thing to learn is that every essay must have several perfectly constructed body paragraphs. Each paragraph must begin with a topic sentence. This sentence must contain the main idea discussed in the body paragraph. An important thing is that this sentence should also be linked to your thesis. As you are working on your paper, you will expand on your topic in each body paragraph you write. You will present your ideas and elaborate on your thesis gradually, step by step. Include enough evidence to substantiate your claims. Do not forget to build your argument thoroughly and consistently. Use only credible resources in your paper. Check if everything borrowed from literature was properly cited and referenced. Another valuable thing to remember is that every body paragraph should include a transitional sentence. That is, your ideas should run smoothly. Do not make your reader jump from one idea to another. You must keep your paragraphs connected to each other and to the thesis of your paper.


Now it is time for a perfect conclusion. If you do not know what it is, you can always find a relevant essay body paragraph example online. You do not simply need to restate your thesis. Rather, sum up everything you have said in your paper and include some implications this information will have for the reader. Writing a conclusion is like another opportunity for you to check if you have met all requirements and answered all questions. If not, revisit the contents of your body paragraphs and craft a conclusion passage that will finalize your argument.

Writing a Perfect Paper

Do not waste your time. Be well organized in your writing. Each body paragraph you write should remain deep in the memory of your readers. Each body paragraph should be impressive enough to win the hearts and minds of your audience. Approach every body paragraph, as if it is the only paragraph in your paper. Treat it exclusively. Refine it. Manage it. Use rich language. Avoid mistakes. Be clear and do not make your readers read between the lines. Brainstorm. Be on time. Check twice before submission, and your success is guaranteed! If you have questions, do not hesitate to answer them. You will find all information you need to write a quality paper here.