College Application Essay

How to Write a College Application Essay

How to write a college application essay? It is a difficult question. From my experience, I wrote at least a dozen of different application essays. I had to meet different requirements and discuss different issues. With so much experience in college application essay writing, I can easily tell whether this or that paper will fascinate its readers. I can tell the moment I read the first sentence if this application paper is a worthy piece of writing. College application is a highly challenging, problematic and complicated process. It demands attention to detail. Just imagine what you must do to impress a group of experts, who have seen everything imaginable in this world. If you are boring – you just do not get through it. So, get ready to start and join the crowd of successful college applicants.

“Did you see these college application essay prompts?””

“They are hilarious! I wish I could this guy’s talent for writing.””

“I can’t forget that young lady who had spent a year in Iraq and wanted to become a nurse to save the lives of our soldiers.””

“Yeah, she was very persuasive. I bet she will reach her goal.”

“”What about that dancer?””

“Well, he might be a talent, but his writing is totally out of place. I have managed to read only two sentences.”“

“By the way, have you noticed that few of them actually follow the required college application essay format?””

“Yeah, that’s a problem even with the most passionate papers.”“”

“”I have seen only a couple of applications that were written according to our requirements. Unfortunately, the contents were worse than formatting.””

“I can imagine. I have been through it. Still, I loved that girl who decided to go to college despite her diagnosis. She could become a writer.””

“Oh yes, I remember her. I would give her my YES every time she applies to college.””

“This is just an idea of how a conversation between members of a college admission committee could take place. These people have spent so much time judging applicants’ papers that they have developed a unique language, which divides applicants into positive and negative ones. Are you sure that you can become a “positive” candidate without using our college application essay tips? Would you like to hear something like, “Umm, no, this is not the kind of paper a college applicant would write. It reads like a 1-grader wrote it.” Or would you want to be discussed as, “Oh my, this is something I have longed to read for years!” So, it is time to change and become a better, competitive applicant. It is time to learn how to write college application papers correctly.”

Look at these college application essay tips and make sure you follow them when working on your essay for college application:

  1. “”Set a proper stage and tone for your work. Then, find enough examples and illustrations to support your points.
  2. Try your best to be different. Do not be like everyone else. Remember something outstanding that happened to you in the recent past. For example, you may start with a description of music, a movie, or an encounter that would change the course of events in your life. Try to remember what things you did in the past that would make you stand out among other college applicants. May be you have some unusual talent or skill? Is there anything you believe to be unusual about you that others do not notice? Be honest!
  3. “Finally, before you decide what college application topic you want to describe in your paper, use your imagination and thinking. Again, the more unusual and unique you are the better are your chances to win the application competition. Do not forget to choose an attractive title for your paper, and you are on your way to college!”