Compare Essay

Good Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Your Paper

Now how do you write a compare and contrast essay?

First, you should know that a compare and contrast essay implies that you compare and contrast two or more items. However, these items will differ, depending on the topic of your paper. For example, you may need to compare and contrast:

  • Economic regimes (capitalism versus industrialism)
  • Movies (Gone with the Wind versus To Kill a Mockingbird)
  • Statistical information (GDP versus economic growth in the U.S.)
  • Attitudes and opinions (beliefs for and against religious education in schools)
  • Political figures (Clinton versus Trump), etc.

A perfect compare and contrast essay does not necessarily include only two items. At times, you may need to compare and contrast more things. However, do not forget that you must always look into differences and similarities. Look down for some valuable tips on how to write a compare and contrast essay.

To begin with, you should be clear as to the things or phenomena you are comparing. In most cases, professors provide specific instructions about the things, books, movies, or events you are expected to compare and contrast. On rare occasions, you will be free to choose these on your own. For example, if your professor asks you to compare Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump, you will have to specify what exactly has to be compared – is it the political career, political position, or biography of each candidate?

If you are the one to choose the basis for comparison, you will have more freedom to decide what you would like to analyze in your paper. For instance, you may need to compare and contrast two books. As a result, you will have to choose if you want to focus on a single character, a group of characters, setting, scene, or the use of literary devices in both books.

Now that you are clear about how to write a compare and contrast essay, you must outline the key similarities and differences. Be open and critical. Be analytical and thorough. List them step by step. Write them down to remember. For example, if you compare and contrast the political positions of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, see if they are similar or different in their opinions about education and religion. Do not use this list as an outline. Rather, use it to create a cohesive outline for your paper.

When you are ready, transform the information you already have into a debatable but strong thesis statement. You will have to include the most important differences and similarities in your thesis and justify their relevance. If you still feel that the task is too difficult for you, look at numerous examples of compare and contrast essays online. Writing a compare and contrast essay can be much easier, if you know where to start and how to proceed with your work.

A good example of thesis statement is provided below:

Although both Clinton and Trump defend the importance of quality education, Clinton is more elaborate in her discussions of education quality and relevance, whereas Trump still lacks any comprehensive educational policy that could support his campaign.

You can develop two different kinds of theses. First, you can emphasize similarities over differences. Second, you can do it vice versa. Whatever mode you choose for your compare and contrast essay, you will have to remember the tips and advice we have just provided to you. Use other examples of compare and contrast papers to understand how a perfect essay should look. Follow our recommendations, and you will become a perfect writer!