Comparison Essay

Choosing the Best Comparison and Contrast Essay Topics

Many students, particularly those who have little experience writing academic papers, think that crafting a comparison and contrast essay is not that difficult. Really, you only need to find and describe the similarities and differences between two or more things. However, the whole process is much more difficult. You do not need to take it lightly. Writing a good comparison and contrast essay is all about making a strong argument and defending your position. It is not enough to simply state what is similar or different – you have to prove it! This is why it is so important to choose the best comparison and contrast topics for your paper. They will determine what you write!

How to write a comparison and contrast essay? Remember several important tips

Once you have identified the similarities and differences in the things you are describing, it is time to deliver your proofs. Your paper will never be complete, if you fail to provide evidence and connect these similarities and differences to the context of your work.

No matter what comparison and contrast essay ideas you decide to incorporate in your paper, you must have a strong thesis statement. In your thesis statement, you are expected to justify the importance of the similarities and differences you have found. Why do you consider them to be significant to your reader? For instance, if you are speaking of college and university education, your thesis may sound as “Though college education is just the starting point in a person’s career, both college and university degrees make individuals more competitive in the job market and link them to the real world of professionalism and business.” So, this is the argument you will focus on, when writing the body of your paper.

Then you have to choose a structure, since comparison and contrast papers can be written in two different manners.

With an alternating structure, you will compare university and college degrees step by step. That is, you will speak of the cost of college and university degrees, followed by the analysis of their complexity, and then their relevance for salaries and the job market.

With a tandem structure, you will have to divide your paper into two parts. In the first part, you will discuss all strengths and weaknesses of college education. In the second part, you will compare and contrast them to the benefits and difficulties of getting a university degree. So, make sure you write everything you have learned about colleges and then switch to the analysis of universities.

Of course, as you are trying to decide as to which structure or pattern will best fit your purpose, consider this: if you are writing a paper longer than five pages, an alternating structure would be the best option. You just cannot keep your reader to the point, if you choose a tandem pattern for a longer paper. However, it will work better with shorter comparison and contrast papers. In any case, consider all aspects of your work and what your teacher expects from you.

Do not forget about using primary and secondary sources, even if you are working on a comparison and contrast essay power point. If you are writing a literature paper, then using primary sources will be a must. In the analysis of college and university education, you will be free to use any sources that are recent, reliable, and objective. Do not use too many quotes. Paraphrase, and do not forget to cite your sources! Follow the formatting advice of your professor, no matter if it Harvard, MLA, or APA.

Whenever you follow our advice, you will have everything needed to meet your professor’s requirements. If you are still confused about what it means to write an outstanding comparison essay, you can find plenty of paper examples online.