Critical Essay

How to Write a Critical Lens Essay

When you see that your next academic task will be a critical essay, you suddenly realize that you have more questions about this kind of essay than you can reasonably answer. How to write a critical lens essay? – You may be asking yourself, and we will be happy to give you an answer. Do not think that being critical is the same as being negative. In reality, the process of writing a critical lens essay relies on objectivity. Your task is not to criticize but to critique. It can be anything, from a book to a conversation. In most cases, you will have to analyze a piece of writing. If that is the case, your task will be to find its strengths and weaknesses, describe them, and provide evidence to support your claims.

A perfect critical lens essay will start with a brief introduction. You will need to provide some background information about the reading you are going to analyze. Now that you are ready, follow the recommendations below to produce a quality critical essay.

  1. Develop a cohesive and concise summary of the reading and the author’s viewpoint. Include:
  • The main idea of the reading;
  • The key themes discussed by the author;
  • The values and principles underlying the topic;
  • The recommendations provided by the author.
  1. Analyze and evaluate the consistency of the author’s argument:
  • analyze each aspect of the paper;
  • judge it critically and with evidence;
  • reconsider the values and principles guiding the writer.

If you keep asking yourself, “what is a critical essay?” then you should understand one simple thing: you will never manage to earn the highest grade, if you fail to consider and comply with the above recommendations. Now that you understand the essence of critical essay writing and need more information to proceed with your paper, we can do it for you. So, before you write the first draft of your paper, develop an outline. Try to see if there is anything controversial or conflicting in the piece you are planning to analyze.

When you see these controversies, it is the right time to determine your position. Are you with the writer or against him/her? Do you believe the arguments presented by the writer to be valid and testable? Do you have any evidence that the writer was wrong? Be clear in your position. Use as much evidence and arguments as you can to fit in the required critical lens essay format. You have everything you might need to create an outstanding piece of writing. You have the skills and knowledge required to produce a superb paper. Do not forget that you must include a thesis statement, which will specify your position on the problem. Also, make sure that the problem you are analyzing and critiquing is interesting to your reader. If you are not certain that the topic you have chosen is suitable, you can always make the first draft of your paper and discuss it with your tutor.

Please, do not forget that your critical lense essay should contain valuable information. At the same time, you should not write anything just to meet the required word count. Delete anything that can confuse your readers. Do not make false or misleading claims. Always use evidence to justify your position. You can have your opinion, but it should be grounded and reasonable. These are the best things you can do to produce an outstanding critical essay in the best traditions of academic writing.