Deductive Essay

Deductive Reasoning Essay – General Guide

In most cases, the process of deductive reasoning and writing a deductive reasoning essay is a logical one that veers from being general to becoming quite specific. Put another way, the writer can choose a particular person to write about provided they have sufficient information on that person. The more perplexing or puzzling the information, the more important it is to imagine and develop a clear picture.

As always, no matter what deductive essay topics one is writing about, the form of reasoning mentioned above takes account of specific factors, evaluates these against what is currently known, sums everything up, and comes to certain conclusions. It should be noted that the process of logical deduction has three key components, which are 1) premise, 2) evidence and 3) conclusion. Deductive essay writing uses all three parts. As the first step in the process, premise is an accepted fact or belief that is used as the basis or foundation for reaching conclusions. A writer can use more than one premise as the basis of their argument. Providing evidence is the second step in the process. This means presenting all the supporting material a writer has come up with. Evidence can be an event the writer is analyzing or something they have observed. The last step is arriving at a conclusion, which is seen as the last-stage analysis of a situation or event. In any case, the writer needs to balance any premises they use with their evidence. Each of the three component parts can be found in the examples below:

  • The premise is: Every dog is an animal;
  • The evidence is: Bruce is a dog;
  • • The conclusion is: Bruce is an animal.

It may surprise you to learn that, aside from writing a deductive essay, individuals consistently use the types of reasoning mentioned above in day-to-day life. Think of this example. A person looks outside when they wake up on a given morning. The street is wet. There may, of course, be various reasons for this. The most likely thing to come to mind is that it has rained. However, it may be that the street-washing truck has recently passed by or someone may have inadvertently spilled some water. So, why would you probably correctly guess the first possibility? The reason is that people almost always veer towards the most likely possibility and their experiences of life. While there can be various options, the most logical one is rain. If an individual knows for certain it has not been raining, they may come to a different conclusion. This is the approach used in an essay of the deductive reasoning variety.

Deduction and deductive essay writing uses the most likely scenario. Reasoning of this type is used in law, science, literary analysis, and police use it in investigations.

All deductive essays should commence with an outline. Remember, that each individual paragraph should contain one clearly stated idea or point. A good assignment invariably needs irrefutable and persuasive evidence. All said, essay writing can be easier if you use the guidelines provided above.