Descriptive Essay

How to Write a Descriptive Essay

Most subjects impose some type of descriptive assignment on the student. Descriptive writing is a form of writing that causes the writer to think about and analyze some thing or other, whether it is people, places, experiences, events, situations or emotions. Mostly, students enjoy descriptive writing because it gives them the opportunity to offer their own opinions and be creative. This type of assignment is often easier to complete because the writer does not need to do any external research. It is possible to look at descriptive essay examples on the Internet – at websites such as – to see how these papers are written.

When writing a descriptive essay and you are not sure what you should describe, you can refer to a list of topics and choose something that is appealing to you. The main objective in descriptive writing is to ensure the reader can visualize the topic you are describing. If it is the case that your words do not paint a clear picture for your readers, your paper may have to be rewritten. The writers at have developed a list of useful tips to help you enjoy writing your essay.

How Brainstorming Can Help

Brainstorming is a great way to generate descriptive essay topics and ideas. If you choose to write about, for example, a typical day in your life, you can begin by jotting down every activity that comes into your mind. You can even begin with mundane things like waking up, brushing your teeth, showering, eating breakfast, calling your friends, and so on. While brainstorming, write only short sentences because this is just an outline of your developing essay.

Your Language Should be Vivid and Descriptive

Our next piece of advice on how to write a descriptive essay is to explain how the vocabulary you choose can reflect the purpose of your essay. It is a good idea to use adjectives, adverbs and descriptive phrases to touch the imagination of your readers. There is a difference between describing something as “good” or “amazing.”

Appeal to Your Readers’ Senses

Are you still wondering, “what is a descriptive essay and how can you get the attention of your readers?” Essentially, this is a type of writing that should touch the senses of the reader. Use visual appeal, emotion, taste, sound and smell. Using vocabulary that has a vivid impact on the senses improves the chance of your essay being successful.

What Feelings Did You Have?

The descriptive essay definition is quite clear. If you are describing a place, you must describe what you felt when you first saw that place. Did you feel surprise at the vivid colors or the smell of the place? Did you feel great joy because it reminded you of some past pleasure?

Stay Positive to the Last

If it is the case when writing a descriptive essay that you are trying to convey something difficult or terrible, try to leave the impression that you still feel positive. Let your readers know that life is full of challenges and people should not avoid confronting difficulty. The organization of your essay should be such that your readers identify with the positive things you have described to them.