Essay Conclusion

Writing a Great Essay Conclusion: The Simple Answer

Do you know how to write an essay conclusion? Do you recall having to write a standard 5-paragraph essay in high school? The task was easy.

You simply chose a topic that interested you and then wrote what you wanted. There was, of course, a prescribed structure – an introductory paragraph, some body paragraphs, and a strong essay conclusion.

This article offers tips on how to write a conclusion for an essay. No doubt, you were good at writing the straightforward essays you were given in high school. However, the standards are higher in colleges or universities. Yet, the structure does not change. Higher-level essays also require a strong introductory paragraph, a few carefully-developed body paragraphs, and a robust conclusion. Read on to learn more about writing effective conclusions.

Why the Conclusion is an Essay’s Most Vital Part

It is possible to find a myriad of essay conclusion examples on the Internet as well as numerous writing manuals and guides. All these will advise that you need sound knowledge of the English language, good writing skills, and an understanding of the different formatting styles. Organizing your paper correctly should also earn you extra points.

If you look at any well-written essay conclusion examples, you will see that, in truth, this part of the essay is the most essential. It has the ability to end your essay on a positive note or ruin your entire effort. Therefore, you should endeavor to make this section as thought provoking and interesting as possible to get good feedback from your tutor. Let your reader see that you have succeeded in addressing the problem posed at the beginning. An effective essay should have a strong conclusion and it should not present any fresh thoughts and/or ideas. Your conclusion should not include any in-text citations because this may cause marks to be deducted.

To write a good conclusion in an essay, you should ask some questions of yourself such as whether you managed to analyze the topic properly, if the reader will find your paper sufficiently interesting, or if you think your essay is worthy of an A or A+. A conclusion should be shorter than an introductory paragraph but it should still be informative and restate the main discussion points from the body of the paper.

Write Good Essay Conclusions to Protect Your Grades!

Without doubt, writing a conclusion to an essay is difficult and it is also difficult to make a good impression on a seasoned professor. However, if you select a creative and interesting topic, and your paper is properly organized, you have a good chance of success. The same applies if you take heed of these tips. Bear in mind that another success factor is to approach your assignment in a professional manner.

While writing a conclusion to an essay is usually the last stage, you should not leave any assignment until the last minute. A tutor can tell when papers have been written hastily. Additionally, do not forget that punctual submission will help you build and maintain a good academic reputation. Do your best every day to practice and improve your skills in the fields of writing and research because you will never come to regret this effort.