Essay Levels

Moving From High School Essays to College Essays

The majority of students find the transition from writing high school essays to writing college essays quite smooth, and we really hope you have the same seamless journey. In some cases, however, students become confused and not at all happy with their attempts at writing college essays. Only a short time before, your writing was entirely satisfactory and your essays attracted the best high school grades. Now, though, your tutors are unhappy with your standard of writing, saying that is not yet “good or coherent enough.” Clearly, you have not undergone any change and, mechanically at least, your writing is still reasonably good, you think logically, and your spelling and grammar is near perfect.

You really did know how to write a high school essay, but your college tutors are not satisfied and want your standard of writing to improve. It is easy to understand some of this criticism. Obviously, the writing standards in college are considerably higher than in high school. Often, however, the problem is not just the standards and general requirements.

It is because, in contrast to the high school essay format, college tutors want something new and different from students. This means there is now more for you to learn. Therefore, your intelligence and skills will need to be focused on new horizons. This might be difficult to begin with, but you will almost certainly become accustomed to it over time.

It should be noted here that, unlike high school essay writing, college is a much bigger place and you will be expected to apply all your skill to complete a myriad of different writing tasks, whether these are article critiquing, essay writing, or reading. At times, you will excel at summarizing texts you have read and demonstrating you have understood what they meant. There may be times when you may be asked to write different types of essays.

Virtually every week you will need to show you know how to write a college essay. For example, you are likely to be asked to analyze and interpret various reading materials, provide insight and build arguments around these texts, and support your assertions with sound evidence. Essentially, this means you will be given a diverse range of writing projects and so you will need to develop professional writing skills.

You can always look at a few examples of college essays that worked well, but some professors do not always provide clear instructions. There are some who will give detailed explanations on what is needed in a college essay in terms of, for example, outline, materials, structure, formatting, references, etc. Then there are others who will merely provide some vague questions with little explanation.

Most professors, however, give some guidance on the college essay format but like their students to demonstrate how well they understand a given issue. Consequently, you may need to do extensive research and build a well-supported argument around your findings. The key thing here is to convince your professor and your readers that your viewpoint is valid and right.

So, if your transition to writing good college essays is to be successful, you must work harder and pay careful attention. It is important to allow sufficient time for lots of reading and research work. A well-founded argument needs to be supported with solid evidence. You must also remember that all sources should be authoritative ones, which should help with your argument(s). This advice should certainly help your writing skills develop in a professional manner and your readers should find your thought process starts sounding more persuasive.