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How to Write a Critical Review Essay

When tasked with writing a critical review essay or indeed any type of essay, some students may remember the days when they were required to write essays about how they spent their summer vacation. Book and movie review essays are among the most common assignments given to students. Usually, the writer gives a short overview of the plot or characters in a particular book. At times, they simply just say what the book or movie is about and perhaps just describe how interesting or intriguing it is.

For a number of reasons, everyone should know how to write a review essay. In the first place, it gives an individual the opportunity to fine-tune their ability to review everyday things e.g. if they want to give their view of a restyled car, a concert they attended, and so on. Secondly, tutors are fond of handing out such assignments and everyone knows that any skill can be perfected with practice. Therefore, you should avail of every opportunity to express your view on some new thing, whether that takes the form of an event, object or issue.

Are you ever tempted to ask someone else to “write or review my essay?” There is no doubt that, when writing about literature, every student needs to acquire special writing skills. At, we suggest that students look online for a sample review essay. In this type of writing, it is essential to use subject-specific language and to take care when choosing words. Moreover, the writer should refer to the source they are discussing in their review. In most cases, it is enough to quote from a work of literature. There are times when you will only have to use a few quotes, but there are also times when you may need quite a lot of quotes. So, pay careful attention to how quotes are used in sample or example papers.

In referring to any online essay review samples, you will see that you need not say a book or movie is amazing or should be watched. Your readers should be able to come to their own conclusions after reading your thoughts on the subject. In your capacity as writer, you must make sure your essay is interesting and compelling through the use of comparisons and citations. Do not think that your readers will be persuaded solely on the basis of your statements. Your thoughts and opinions should be supported with evidence from the source you are discussing. Any characters or events need to be thoroughly analyzed, particularly if you are reviewing a movie.

Upon examining various review essay topics and choosing a suitable one, there are other simple guidelines you should adhere to. Avoid just re-telling a story. Offer a short overview by all means, just a couple of short sentences. If you find writing a review difficult, check out a few examples. The entire book you are reviewing does not need to be paraphrased. Readers may well want to read the book for themselves. Your task is to pinpoint specific facts and events that will entice readers to read the book or view the movie you have described. Essentially, your review should be sufficiently exciting as to make the reader feel the next thing they must do is buy the book or go to the movie.

When writing a review essay, you may sometimes have to use special words or vocabulary. Those who are fans of the arts and accustomed to reading reviews will certainly understand any special terms you use. However, people who are inexperienced in these fields may find it hard to follow a review. Hence, you need to become skilful at writing a review essay that everyone can identify with and appreciate. Readers will easily be able to follow a review if it is well written. For example, different language is needed for reviewing an opera than would be used for a pop concert. If you are writing about art for the first time, you should acquaint yourself with the terminology that applies to this field. Read some reviews written by respected art critics. You should learn a lot from their reviews. In any case, these act as great examples for your own writing. If you are already an art expert, it may not be such a problem.