Essay Structure

Developing the Structure of an Essay: Expert Guide to the Process

Although the structure of an essay usually follows a prescribed format, academic work comes in many different shapes and sizes. Each genre has its own unique features. However, once the structure is logical, it becomes a lot easier to write essay papers, term papers, research papers and other assignments. Generally speaking, there are five paragraphs in a standard essay. These include an introductory paragraph, some (three) body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph.

The question of how to structure an essay is one that students often ponder when they begin writing essays. The step-by-step approach described here will show you how to do this correctly. But there is one other point worth noting. A title must be chosen for your essay before beginning to think about structure. This should have a hint of intrigue to attract the attention of the reader. It should also make readers interested in reading your work. So, do try to choose captivating titles.


If you refer to any good essay structure example, you will see the introductory paragraph needs to be very good. It should give your readers an idea of what you intend to cover i.e. it should mention key points. This paragraph should also contain a clearly written thesis statement, which you should support with reliable evidence. If it is the case you change anything in your paper, your thesis statement may have to be rewritten to ensure accuracy.

The Essay’s Body

In any basic essay structure, the body paragraphs are the main component part. Each individual paragraph should begin with a topic sentence, which should be followed by sound arguments. The last sentence should contain a transition word or phrase to lead smoothly to the next paragraph. Each topic sentence should provide the reader with sufficient information as to what that paragraph is going to be about. The subsequent sentences should develop the essay’s main point or idea. The final transitional sentence is where you start mentioning the point that will be covered in the next paragraph.

Concluding Your Essay

Virtually every essay writing structure ends with a conclusion where the entire paper is summarized. Hence, this section must be clearly written with emphasis on the main points of the paper. If the conclusion is badly written, the entire paper can be ruined. An essential aspect of a conclusion is that it must answer every question that was discussed throughout the paper. Incidentally, the writer may also address their readers in a direct manner if they want them to think about the issues that were covered. In most essays, the concluding paragraph carries the same importance as the body. In the structure of any essay, the concluding paragraph is essential. Therefore, you need to make sure your work ends logically.