Essay Writing Tips

How to Make the Most of Common App Essay Prompts: Top Tips!

While difficult in any case, without good common app essay prompts writing a common application essay can be especially difficult. The process also requires a responsible approach and sufficient time. Lots of students regularly seek a common formula to cope with writing essays and simplifying the process. To satisfy demand, has compiled a short “tips” list to help you handle your writing projects more easily.

It is important to follow this advice if you are to produce a good-quality common application essay:

  1. Firstly, when writing a common app essay, keep it short. Many application essay examples found on the Internet show that too many writers attempt to tell the story of their entire lives in a short essay. This is a very big mistake. If you attempt to do the same thing, the content of your essay will be blurred with no clear ideas. It is far better to focus on one meaningful or influential event or experience. How did this impact your personality? What was it? Did you win a competition? Did you have a memorable vacation with your family? Perhaps it was a film you saw or a book you read that completely changed your life? Think of events or occurrences that a reader might find interesting.
  2. Directly address any common app essay questions you are asked. You need to do more than tell an interesting story. This is one of those essay prompts that deserves careful attention. The primary goal of a common application essay is for the writer to tell something about themselves rather than relating a story about something. This allows them to demonstrate their personal attributes in a particular situation. Those who read your application essay should be able to understand you as a person, how you react in specific situations, or attempt to solve various problems. The foremost characters of your writing should be your emotions, feelings, passions and aspirations. You could, for instance, relate a story about how helping disabled people altered you and your view of life.
  3. Try not to become confused. Your narrative should be well organized and smooth flowing. Should you get stuck, stop writing and attempt to answer the essay question. What is your purpose? What would you like to convey? Are your examples appropriate?
  4. When you are satisfied with your common app essay topics and the way you have written about them, you need to edit your work. Do not start editing until everything you want to say has been written. If you have lots of interesting and innovative ideas, put them on paper as soon as possible. It is only when the writing is done that you should check the spelling and grammar elements. It is usually much easier to edit an essay that contains interesting ideas and information than it is to read one or two sentences or paragraphs. It is important to write a compelling story with the right tone. This is not to imply that editing is less important. Those who read and evaluate your essay may be willing to ignore small errors if your paper makes worthwhile reading.
  5. Give vent to creativity! It must be said that stories full of clichés and mundane occurrences can be boring. However, it should be understand that most writers can do a lot better. The thing that mostly inhibits them is fear. They worry about making their work overly informal or too conversational. This is an error. When someone reads an essay that is supposed to be about you, they want enough information to see the real you. If you are an amusing person, let this show in your essay. If you are romantic by nature, let it show. Regardless of the topic you choose, be true to yourself! It is this that makes you and your written work original and unique.