Good Essay

How to Start a Good Essay … and Complete It!

Do you need tips on how to start a good essay? For example, can you tell if your admissions or application essay is truly interesting? Or is it a case of just hoping for the right outcome? Hold on! Before submitting an essay, do your best to check that it really is good. The following four points help you check that you have selected a good topic and written a worthwhile essay.

  1. To write a good college essay, it can help to leave your essay aside for a while. This means your eyes will be fresh when you get back to re-reading it, allowing you to take a more objective view of it. When re-reading, check that:
    • You have developed the topic effectively, moving smoothly from one paragraph to the next.
    • You have addressed all parts of the question.
    • Your essay keeps readers interested throughout.
    • Your writing portrays you in a positive light.
    • You like what you have written.
  2. Try to read your essay aloud. To end up with a good college essay, it should not be full of words and/or phrases that are hard to read aloud. If you are stuck, try to remove complex sentence structures. Look back over the words and rework any awkward-sounding parts. Re-read your essay again aloud to ensure it sounds good!
  3. You may well know how to begin writing a good essay but make sure your paper says everything you want to say. It is easy for confusion to set in when you start developing your topic. List all the most important ideas or points you want your readers to understand by the time they have read to the end. Then re-read your work again slowly and carefully to ensure all essential details have been included. If anything is missing, look for the most effective way to include it.At times, your ideas might be clear-cut, particularly if you are accustomed to essay writing, but your readers might not find your writing so clear. The process can be quite difficult for writers because they may feel so clear in their minds about what they want to say that it can be difficult for them to believe they did not manage to do so. Hence, it helps to list all key ideas and get another person to read your work. Check whether they did or did not understand the ideas you meant to convey. If they missed key points, you need to do some revision.
  4. To succeed in writing a good essay, put yourself in the shoes of a professor i.e. reader. Imagine, for a short time, that you are on an admissions board. Members of the board do not know individual writers and have already ready countless essays and have felt bored by most of them. There are some questions you need to put to yourself to ensure your essay really is good:
    • Will board members be interested in your writing?
    • Have you found the best means of making your story sound interesting or, perhaps, the board members have read the same thing countless times?
    • Does your essay reflect your unique personality?
    • Is the story you have written original and one that only you could have written?
    • Does your essay say positive things about you?
    • Is your essay full of interesting information?
    • What will members of the board know about you after they have read your story? How would they describe you and would it be correct?
    • Will readers think you would add value to their college?

So, as can be seen, a lot of effort is required to write a good essay, with lots of things to consider. This is why you need to read your essay again before you submit it – to make sure it tells the admissions board everything you want them to know.