Personal Essay

Expert Tips on How to Write a Personal Essay

If you are just learning how to write a personal essay as part of an application package, your first task is to be prepared to present yourself in your best light. First, you should select a positive perspective for your essay. Do not forget that you are not known personally to the readers of your essay. Therefore, your aim should be to promote yourself in an objective manner by describing your finest qualities and not shying away from any weak points you may have. In addition, remember, you can refer to examples of personal essay writing to understand how other applicants have dealt with the task you are now embarked on.

The personal essay format is very specific and members of the admissions board will read your paper thoroughly. It is crucial to build an accurate and clear picture of your unique personality and character to show you deserve a place at a particular college. Do not underestimate the importance of the admissions process. There will be other applicants. Very likely, thousands of other students want the same place or opportunity. Approach your essay strategically in order to succeed amid such fierce competition.

When ready, begin writing your personal essay for college. List a few ideas you intend to cover. Feel free to refer to example essays for new ideas, but do not resort to directly copying and pasting any content you come across online. Do not forget that authenticity and originality are among the main requirements in an essay of this type. There are a few questions you should ask yourself. What can you write to give the admissions board a clear image of your great personality? How might other students describe you to show you in your best light? Why are you interested in the particular field or discipline you have chosen? What contribution will you make to developing science or knowledge in that particular field? What led to you appreciating the importance of this discipline? If you become a student at a given college, what will you endeavor to achieve? Are there any specific problems in a particular field that you think you might be able to solve? What personal attributes or features do you possess to help you realize your professional ambitions?

You can begin writing a personal essay when you can answer the above questions. If you are still hesitant, feel free to look online for professional assistance – from a reputable writing service such as, for instance. In the meantime, you can start creating a first essay draft. Jot down a few sentences of introduction. Make sure this is sufficiently interesting to catch the attention of the admissions committee. Avoid clichés and do not be too predictable. Add an element of surprise. Any descriptions you provide should be vivid and dramatic. Be innovative and challenging.

As you progress with writing a personal essay and the initial draft is complete, check for typographical mistakes and misspelt words. Make sure the words flow logically. Swap places with a member of the admissions committee and ask a few questions of yourself. Have you described the best side of your character honestly? Have you been critical in analyzing your weak points? Is your personal essay likely to impress the committee members? If you can answer these questions in the affirmative, carry out any necessary refining on this first draft. Then hand in your final paper to the admissions committee. Soon, when you are rewarded and have a real chance of becoming a student, you will discover why your time and diligence was worthwhile. There is great pride when your investment in your future bears dividends. However, if in doubt about your own writing skills, feel free to seek a professional review. There are plenty online writing services. A company like will be delighted to polish your written work and help you succeed in the admissions process.