Research Essay

How to Choose Good Research Essay Topics and Write a Great Paper

A Research Paper’s Thesis Statement

While it is important to select good research essay topics for any essay and write a good paper, writing the thesis for a research paper is probably the task that students find most challenging. It is important to put a lot of care and thought into selecting topics. Obviously, you are expected to take a persuasive approach, but it is not permissible to just take other people’s ideas or cite the sources that other writers have cited. Do not forget that your thesis statement should be entirely original. If you use another person’s idea, you should develop that idea further or in a different way.

It is possible to get a good research essay example for various fields of study, which you can use for ideas. In any case, if you find ideas you like in an example, you will need to develop a good thesis, which you can then transfer to your particular paper. If, for example, your research paper is about the progression of settlements in early-day Europe, you can adapt the topic by applying the economics and tools of the modern world.

Generally, most research essays improve considerably in value according to how original their thesis statements are, and how well these organize the paper’s ideas. A strong thesis statement provides an excellent foundation for a great essay and ensures a top grade. An essay’s quality often depends on how creative the writer is, how profound their analysis of the research topic, and how well their thesis statement demonstrates all the research work and analysis that went into the essay.

A Research Paper’s Main Body

Once you understand how to write a research essay, you will almost certainly begin to realize how important it is that all facts and arguments are supported with evidence. It is crucial to note that the practice of plagiarism does not only refer to the direct copying and pasting of various sentence, but it also refers to taking arguments from someone else’s research paper without accurately acknowledging the original author. Even in cases where you do not cite directly from another text, remember you must properly reference any ideas you borrow. Use solid evidence and clear explanations to deal with any arguments or statements that oppose your particular argument.

A Research Paper’s Concluding Paragraph

So, the next question is, “what is a research essay conclusion or how should a research essay end?” Typically, a conclusion sums-up the arguments you presented throughout your essay. You may also add a quote that adds value to your summing up to ensure a strong and effective conclusion.

How Can You Ensure the Best Grades?

Firstly, you must ensure the research essay rubric provided by your tutor is fully adhered to. Every aspect of your paper should be comprehensively and clearly written. A great thesis statement, properly-organized argument, and a good overall structure to your paper are the ingredients that are most valued by tutors. A poor thesis statement will not attract high grades even if you have undertaken the research elements correctly and your writing style is perfect.

An effective outline for organizing all your research essay ideas is highly recommended before writing your actual paper. An outline will help contain your research and prevent it from getting too broad. Research topics are usually assigned by tutors, although the student is occasionally allowed some freedom of choice. Try to ensure the topic you choose is of interest to both you and your readers.

Examples of some Popular Research Essay Topics:

  • Advertising and the use of Internet search engines
  • Cloning of humans
  • Chinese Art – History and Development
  • Global development of the automobile industry
  • Today’s world versus empires of the past.