Response Essay

Tips for Writing a Summary and Response Essay

Every response essay has a number of component parts, all of which have the potential to transform an essay into a brilliant masterpiece. This is, of course, if each part is written according to the requirements and standards for such an essay.

The Thesis Statement

An good thesis statement in, say, a summary and response essay on art could draw a correlation between a particular work of art and the life of its creator or by using images to demonstrate key trends.

The Main Body Paragraphs

Regardless of the summary and response essay topics you choose, your written piece should be carefully structured so that it covers all the main aspects. You must then analyze these in detail. It is worth noting that you should limit the number of elements or points you decide to cover if your essay is to remain focused and not wander into vagueness.

The format for a response essay suggests a number of different ways to read a work of literature:

  • You could read through identifying alliterations, assonance, images, metaphors, similes and/or other literary tools to show how these helped convey the central message of the work.
  • You could look for various themes within the work in order to show how these contribute or add to the overall meaning.
  • When writing a summary and response essay, you could analyze the Greek, Latin or other ancient origin of the wording to find out how the author succeeded in giving their text real meaning while adding an extra level of complexity and significance to it.
  • You could try to find and explore any significance between elements of a work and its creator’s life.

One of the most important points to bear in mind in this type of essay is that your thesis statement should be supported with a range of appropriate evidence and you should address any opposing arguments.

Important Things to Watch Out For

A response essay can be a fresh analysis based on a previous review of a literary work. After reviewing that work, the writer can decide if any points were made too subtly or are already too widely known. In any case, it is vital to have a solid thesis statement. It is, however, also essential to ensure the thesis is original and that it is relevant to what the initial author of the piece intended. One sound tip is to remain focused on those elements that relate to the original work and its creator.

The following are some popular response essay topics, which you may wish to consider:

  • Your reaction to a television show
  • Your favorite play at the theatre
  • An article that changed your view of life
  • A particular book you can read again and again
  • Your favorite band and its greatest hits
  • Modern approaches to business
  • Design trends of the modern era.

Hopefully, you can now answer this question, “what is a response essay?” Once you know where to begin, you can simply include your own fresh ideas, unique opinions and personal touch so that you end up with a perfect essay.