Write an Essay

Learn How to Write a Short Essay to a High-Quality Standard

When learning how to write a short essay, there are a few things you will soon come to realize. For example, when you have done all the necessary research and finished writing all the required paragraphs, your paper will need to be re-read carefully to ensure it is highly-polished and ready to hand in. Additionally, it is essential to ensure your paper is correctly formatted. The steps below explain the essay writing process in full.

  • You first need to prepare an essay outline. This helps a writer define the aims of their paper and how it will be structured. If, for instance, you are tasked with writing about yourself but are not sure how to go about the process, draft an outline showing the parts you might include in the essay’s body. These may include what you look like, your main character traits, what you hope to achieve in the future, and so on. This helps develop a plan for the main body paragraphs.
  • Research your chosen topic in detail. As you acquire a greater level of information, you will become more adept in the field of research. This should help you develop a good essay, supported with suitable evidence from reliable sources. Additionally, you must remember to include accurate references and citations in the required style, whether this is APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, etc.
  • The short essay format requires paragraphs to be arranged in proper and logical order. Look back over the paragraphs you have written and work out which one makes the strongest point. You will also need to develop a robust thesis statement, which should be placed at the end of your introductory paragraph. This statement lets your readers know what your paper is about.
  • Check the instructions again to make sure you have taken every requirement into account.
  • Your work will need revising several times. These revisions should identify weaknesses and improve the overall quality.
  • Check that all sentences flow logically and smoothly. If you find disconnected sentences or paragraphs, add suitable words to connect and make them smoother.
  • When you write your concluding paragraph, check that it is logical. It should reiterate key points and/or ideas from the introductory paragraph. A conclusion should not introduce fresh information. You may, however, offer your thoughts on the problem in order to make this paragraph stronger and more coherent.
  • You may be wondering, “How long is a short essay?” Well, much depends on the instructions and whether there are any errors in your work. Use any available grammar or spelling checking software to detect and correct errors of this type.

Do not forget, however, that some of these tools do not capture every error in a text. So, re-read your essay yourself a number of times after using grammar or spell checking software. Or, another good tip is to ask a few friends to look over or proofread your work.

While you should always check the short essay rubric provided by your tutor(s), we hope the above advice has demonstrated how to write an effective essay. We additionally hope that the tips provided will enable you to prepare a high-quality essay. Do not forget that if someone truly wants to achieve something, they will succeed. Therefore, it is important to set goals and adhere to these no matter what.

If, for instance, deadlines are a problem for you, develop a writing plan. With this plan, you have a better chance of adhering to the different stages, and you will not have left the entire project to the last day or minute. If you start writing a paper the day before it is due, your chances of a top grade definitely become diminished. Therefore, make sure you plan each writing project carefully and define your priorities. When you receive a high grade after your hard work, you will certainly be delighted and satisfied with your wonderful achievement.