Effects of Cartoons on Children

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Cartoons are favorite TV programs for children. They are bright, entertaining, funny, and usually accompanied by energizing music. Such features positively affect children’s mood. However, have you ever questioned yourself what the effects of cartoons on children are?

The following are some of the positive features of cartoons:

  1. Help children to be more attentive to details. Cartoons for kids help them become more observant: they are willing to explore the world around them, they notice some small details of their favorite characters.
  2. Motivate children to be active and curious. Watching cartoons often motivates children in that they choose favorite characters that may become their role models. When their favorite characters are artists, singers, scientists, etc., they are motivated to learn something new in the world around them.
  3. Make children stay fit and healthy. Very often, when watching cartoons, children dance to the music, which makes them move a lot and be active. Besides, they laugh a lot, so there are always satisfied and calm. Sometimes cartoon heroes teach children a lesson of how to lead a healthy lifestyle: do sports, eat vegetables, etc.
  4. Help children overcome stress. Positive emotions that children experience while watching an animated movie is one of the useful effects of cartoons on children. Whenever children are ill, cartoons are one of the few things that make them laugh.
  5. Help children learn colors and visualize. There are many cartoons aimed at mental development of children, in particular, learning colors or visualizing. Such cartoons for kids are an invaluable asset for their parents as well. While acquainting themselves with colors, children may also become interested in drawing.
  6. Help kids learn something new. Children may find it hard to learn something by reading. However, it is much easier for them to grasp new information through watching. Cartoons may be useful when children learn new words, numbers, etc.
  7. Cartoons influence children’s behavior. Cartoons usually depict some real-life situations: at home, at school, in transport or public places, etc. Therefore, while watching cartoons, children learn how to behave and communicate in different situations. Besides, they learn that they should respect their parents and the elderly.

I think that this post has been useful for parents. The only thing left is to decide which cartoons your children should watch to get the most benefit out of them.

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