Ideas of Good Jobs for College Students

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Summer is coming and you want to earn some money for vacation. Some of you might not be tired of exams, research papers, essays, and presentations, so might thus have a desire to make some extra money instead of having rest for three months.

If you are that kind of a student who is looking for a summer job, below you can find some ideas for it.

List of Summer Jobs for Students


Numerous degrees require students to search for internships, and though your college can choose you to get internship during the semester, there are departments that allow students to complete it a bit earlier. Even if your degree does not require completion of an internship, you may still apply for one to get work experience and some money. You can search for internships on such resources as,, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor.

Pre-College Program Counselor

During pre-college summer programs, high school students are housed on college campuses and take classes for some time. It helps them understand what college is like. Such programs usually employ college students as counselors, who have to act as resident assistants who live and monitor these students and serve as chaperone on trips they have and as mentors.

Such kind of programs pay for housing, food, travel arrangements, and other additional costs in exchange for the work counselors do. In addition, counselors are paid an additional stipend.

Pet Shelter

Numerous pet shelters search workers for summer to assist with the upkeep of shelters. A good way to find a shelter in your area is by using a job search database like You can be hired to have a direct contact with animals or to be a receptionist, or another clinical worker.

Tutor/Babysit/Pet sit

During summer, many parents also look for additional time to have a rest. It makes summer a good time for babysitting. If you are good at math or science, you have a great opportunity to earn some money as a tutor.

If you do not like sitting with children, you can also pet sit or dog walk for families who have vacations and need someone to look after their pets in summer. You can find such kind of jobs on resources like or

The best thing you can do to find a summer job is to start your search beforehand and stay open-minded. Do not give up and continue your search until you find a perfect summer job for you.

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