Find Great Summer Jobs for College Students

Although summer holidays are still far away, we suggest that you start your job search right now since many recruiters are already hiring. Consider these tips to complete a smart search of your summer job. Read more

Surviving Dorm Life Guide

Dorm life is absolutely different from the time when you lived in your parents’ house. Although it is a real fun to have your own private space, you should also take measures to prevent your new way of life from becoming a nightmare.

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10 Best Girls’ Night Movies

Looking for an interesting film to watch together with your girlfriends? Do you know what girls like most? Check this list of girls’ night movies and find it out.

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Writing Tips: How to Avoid Business Writing Mistakes

Not that many of us dreamt of becoming writers in their childhood. However, in the modern world, we all have to write e-mails, reports, proposals, plans, and other business documents. The poignant truth is that those documents are usually poorly written.

It does not mean, however, that you are obliged to read dozens of books and complete hundreds of exercises to improve your writing skills. Still, even the most reluctant writers can avoid common mistakes in their business documents.

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Have you ever heard of Leicester City?

Well, if you are not that much interested in English football, just some short information: it is a football team that has won the English Premier League by completely outperforming such famous clubs as Arsenal, Chelsea, and Liverpool among others. Sounds like a fairy-tale, right? Here are some more fun facts that you may use to surprise your friends when sitting in a pub:

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