Top 10 best apps for your iPhone

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If you are looking for the most popular smartphone of 2016, Samsung and iPhone, undoubtedly, take the lead. These two business sharks compete with each other leaving other brands far behind. Yes, Sony and HTC also sell, but sales of iPhone and Samsung are much stronger and even shocking.

And if Samsung wins superiority in the European and Asian market, iPhone is an unquestionable leader of the North American market. If you live in the US or happen to travel here, you should notice that iPhones are everywhere. The majority of the best apps are business applications to target American customer.

Do you want to order pizza or do you need a reliable navigation? Please, unlock your iPhone and get it! In the US, everything is made via iPhone and for iPhone. Thus, once you have bought this necessity of modern American being, you have to look for the best iPhone apps that would allow using the main features of your smartphone.

We have done some research and prepared the list of the best iOS apps. So, take your time and listen to the hottest music via iTunes app store while downloading these cool iPhone apps.

Best iOS apps for your iPhone

  1. Waze. This is a navigation app that gives you information on traffic, road works, fastest roots for the moment, accidents, red-light cameras, etc. The app is free.
  2. Inbox by Gmail. Gmail is the most popular e-mail provider, so the app is very useful for numerous Gmail users. The app organizes letters in certain convenient order. It is one of the most useful free apps for iPhone.
  3. Cash. This is one of the top free apps for iPhone as it allows sending money between friends without any fees and delays. Payments are processed instantly without any commission. All you need to do is link your debit card and sing up for the Cash app.
  4. Uber. Uber is a cab service that allows getting a car in just some minutes. You can track the route of the driver and choose the comfort level of the car. What is more, the new subscribers who are referred by Uber users receive $15 off for the first ride.
  5. Hotel Tonight. This is one of the best iPhone apps in the iTunes app store. With this app you never risk spending the night outdoors. The app allows booking hotels for 1 night anytime, even when other websites say that “no rooms are available”. Just one click and the room is reserved!
  6. Spotify. Spotify is one of the best apps for music lovers. Create your lists, download music, and listen to your favorite radio stations with user-friendly interface of Spotify app.
  7. Swiftkey. This is a third-party keyboard with a bunch of convenient features. This keyboard adapts to your personal style, so in a just a while you will learn to type faster and with no errors.
  8. Evernote. This is a virtual notebook that allows saving notes, downloading the needed data, saving images, etc. The app is free.
  9. Password. Topping the list of the cool iPhone apps, Password is a service that remembers your passcodes to all apps, mails, websites you use, etc. No more hassle retrieving your passcodes.
  10. Kindle. Kindle is one of the best reading applications. With Kindle you will have access to all the books, newspapers, and magazines you are subscribed to or have bought. The app is free.
  11. iPhone health app. This is an in-built application that acts as a central hub for sharing fitness and health data, medical providers, etc.

We have picked the most useful and important apps. Search the App store and you will find hundreds more to enjoy with your iPhone.

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