You say that you are not like any other services, why is that?

The secret behind our success is that we never make promises that we cannot keep. We work hard to provide every customer with top-notch essay writing services, and we do it 24/7. We do not provide any impossible guarantees; nor do we promise to make impossible things possible. Our task here is to understand your academic needs and meet them on time. Thus, when you place an order with Essay-Mania.com, you always enjoy the strongest commitment to quality and original writing you can ever find in this industry. Besides, our friendly customer support is always here to answer your questions. We just want to be confident that you do not sacrifice yourself to cheap essay writing mills. Choose quality, because it will define your success in life!

How do I keep in touch with you, if I need writing help?

We run a professional customer-oriented support department that operates 24/7, all the year round. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have questions. Even if you call us in the middle of the night, we will be here to answer. You are most welcome to use your personal profile page for regular communication with the writer and our support. Just remember that we are always here for you!

What are the advantages of working with your service?

The principal advantage of being our customer is in buying essays, papers, research and capstone projects, theses and dissertations of outstanding, incomparable quality. You will see that all our papers are written by experienced professionals with unique skills for writing and analytical thinking. All professionals in our team constantly update and refine their talents and skills. We strongly believe in continuous learning as the foundation of our success in writing. We are here, because we know how to meet your academic demands. We are ready for changes, as we know that our customers constantly grow and evolve. In response to these changes, we also expand, review, and restructure the spectrum of our services to attend to the most unusual needs of every client. We just do everything to make you feel comfortable with us. Besides, you are always welcome to use your personal profile page for messaging and communication. Our company is difference, because we are open to our clients. We emphasize the value of constant communication with the writer. This is why you can always send a message, submit an inquiry, or upload additional materials for the writer. If you need your paper to be finished at night, we will do that. Feel free to download the finished product, whenever you want or need. We will find a writer, who will understand your demands and follow your requirements word for word. You will have no doubts about the quality and professionalism of our work.

Is it all about writing? What about other services?

The focus of Essay-Mania.com is certainly on writing, but it is not the only type of services we offer to clients. With Essay-Mania.com, you can also enjoy the full spectrum of formatting, editing, and rewriting services. You can always place an order for a research or capstone project. Our advanced professionals will gladly do the most productive and thorough research specially for you. Please, remember that we hire only writers with Master’s and Ph.D. degrees. They have developed unique expertise in all aspects of academic writing. They are eager and trained to deal with any sort of academic task, from a simple high school essay to a graduate dissertation.

What about my paper? How do I know someone else will not use it?

No one will use your paper. Ever. We are not a paper-writing mill. We do not resell or recycle papers. We write our papers from scratch. We write our papers for customers. The paper you receive from us is only yours. You own it, and it remains with you.

How do I know that you will do my paper after I process my payment?

We at Essay-Mania.com guarantee that your paper will be finished and delivered on time. Your deadline will be calculated the moment you process the payment. We are here because we know how to do the academic writing job well. We do not seek fast profits. We do not want to let our customers down. Every customer who comes to our service is our greatest asset. We value each customer who places an order with Essay-Mania.com. Rest assured that we will do everything to provide you with a perfect paper on time. We want to build and maintain trusting long-term relationships with you.

What if I am not satisfied with my paper?

Here at Essay-Mania.com you are welcome to request a revision free of charge. Just use your personal page to send your revision request to us. Please, send your most detailed comments and recommendations to the writer. Please, be sure to request a free revision within the first 48 hours after the finished paper is delivered to you. If your paper is 20 pages long or longer, you will have 30 days to revise it for free. However, once the deadline for your paper expires, you will not be able to place a revision request free of charge. Please, note that we may need up to 24 hours to complete your revision. Moreover, if the requirements for revision differ from the original ones, we will need to request compensation from you. You will also have to place a new order for the revision after the 48-hour free-of-charge period is over. The cost of the revision will vary, depending on the urgency and complexity of your task. Feel free to contact our support for further questions or clarifications.

If the revised order does not meet your requirements, you will be eligible for a refund. We will investigate your refund request thoroughly and objectively. However, we want to assure you that our writers will always follow your recommendations and requests. Do not worry, as the risks of failure with Essay-Mania.com are close to zero. In any case, our refund department operates 24/7, and we will need up to 14 days to investigate the issue. If your paper was plagiarized, please, submit your plagiarism report to inform the refund request. In case of any questions, feel free to contact our Support or read our Terms and Conditions for more information.

What about my privacy?

We have developed a comprehensive privacy policy. We guarantee that we do not keep customers’ personal information in store. We will never disclose any information shared by customers to any third party. Any information we ask customers to provide is solely for the purpose of delivering better services and meeting their academic needs. This information is for internal use only. For example, our customers are asked to submit a relevant phone number. We also ask our customers to submit a valid email. Communication is necessary for our company and for our customers, as well. Our writers, our financial department, and our support may have questions about future orders, and being in touch is essential for the success of any research project.

I heard that companies often charge hidden fees, is it true?

We do not include any hidden fees in our prices. We are as transparent as an essay writing company can be. We want to be honest and open with everyone. Therefore, you can always look at our prices and calculate the cost of your order. You will not be charged anything additionally. Just fill out our order form, and you will see the final cost of your paper with us.

How do you contact me?

One of the greatest advantages of working with our company is that our customers always know how their papers are going on. We allow our clients to monitor and control the progress of their works. This is why you can always request the status of your order from the writer or our support representatives. In the meantime, we kindly ask you to provide accurate contact details when you are filling out our order form. Please, check twice before you submit your email and phone numbers. If we have questions or need clarifications, we may want to contact you. Otherwise, it will be quite problematic for us to meet your academic needs.

Do I communicate with the writer?

We value privacy and confidentiality. We protect the rights of our customers and writers. Therefore, at Essay-Mania.com, you will communicate with the writer, but you will never be able to reveal his or her identity. Please, use our messaging system to keep in touch with the writer. Please, contact our support if you have questions. We are here to work and to help. We can do anything to help you improve your grades.

What about urgency?

We have a team of experienced writers who can cope with the most urgent papers. Do not hesitate to place your order with us, if you need a paper within 3 or 6 hours. We can do that! If you are a returning customer with Essay-Mania.com, just use your login and password to enter the system and place your new order with us. If you have questions or concerns, you can always contact our support representatives, and they will be ready to help. Our friendly customer service operates 24/7. We are here 365 days a year. We know how to solve your academic problem quickly, and we want you to be happy!