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Argumentative Essay "Gay Marriage"

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Over the last few months, the debate on whether to legalize or ban gay marriages in the United States has been one of the longest ones. In addition, for almost three decades now, people across all divides have tried to raise their issues, on which side to take on this debate.

Ethnographic Essay on Subculture of "Toastmasters International"

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This is an ethnographic essay that describes the subculture of the Toastmasters International organization in relation to the experience of their members in their learning effort and the behavior standards. The paper starts by giving introduction of the organization and the adopted subculture and how they operate in different countries around the world with a clear focus on a local club. The method of study and the description of the activities carried out at the club as well as the analysis that explains the hypothesis are covered in this paper.

How to Write a Short Story: A Key to Excellence in Storytelling

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It may seem an easier task to write a short story than to work on a novel; however, the size is not an issue here. When writers tell about how to write a short story, they always mention perfection in every detail, which require great talent and diligence.

Literature Essay on Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

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Find out more about the most inspiring and enlightening “Autobiography” of Benjamin Franklin. He is really an outstanding writer, philosopher, social and political activist who can be fairly called a prototype of American successful personality.

Annotated Bibliography: Alcoholism

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Golding, J. M., Burnam, M., Benjamin, A., Wells, B., & Kenneth, B. (1992). Reasons for drinking, alcohol use and alcoholism among Mexican Americans and non-Hispanic Whites. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 6(3), 155-167. [PDF file]. Retrieved from PsycARTICLES database.