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10 Winning Hacks for Freelance Writers to Earn with Social Media

For many freelance writers, social media remains to be untapped resource. With millions of prospective customers as well as interested readers continuously active in the social world, you can gain much more by creating awareness of your skills and written works across the social platforms. Social media has become an essential tool today making the world a global village.

According to AdWeek analysis, we live in a world where people use almost 41% of the time on social media. Therefore, the interests of most individuals are solely on the internet only. However, the media is an essential tool for freelance writers as they can use it as a source of income and employment if they just make good use of it. Even though social media is a relatively new industry, it is creating new ways for freelance writers to make a living. Social media companies have revolved the social networking as a vocational tool to earn more income. Therefore, the following are ten unique ways in which social platforms can be a source of income for most freelance writers.

  1. Make Use of YouTube Videos to Promote Gated Content

With over 2 billion people using YouTube monthly, they create a large market for brands. Freelancers should make use of YouTube videos to provide more content about their products. “YouTubers" can upload videos for their brands and services before potential buyers and ensure that content is gated to avoid publicity. The bloggers can monetize their website by necessitating the need for the clients to have logins to access information about a brand they require. Influential people like Brian Dean and Neil Patel have utilized YouTube videos in promoting their thought of management, something that has boosted the revenue created from gated content.

  1. Create Facebook Group Campaigns

Though we spend much time networking through the internet, individuals yearn for society. The multi-billion dollar GORUCK Company makes transactions and betters their product’s authenticity through their Facebook groups. When coming up with a business, freelance writers should think about a congregate idea. For example, GORUCK ideas relay patriotism, togetherness and need to progress.

This led to the success of the company when brand supporters came together through Facebook. Some companies make posts to the Facebook groups, later the followers can enquire about the product, make an order, and deliveries made to them. The company plays the role of customer service by reaching out to the clients to ask about the products’ quality as well as its usefulness.

  1. Use new LinkedIn AdSense tools to Gain first-mover Advantage

LinkedIn has come up with a unique means that bloggers will find advantageous to keep up with the competition among social media agendas. Organizations will adopt the marketing choices in due course. Therefore, content writers that will utilize the new LinkedIn ad tools will have the first beginner benefits thus gaining a competitive advantage over other marketers. By the time, other marketers will be aware and start making use of the ad tools the early beginner will have made a high percentage of profits and be the monopoly. The first beginner will also be able to maintain its competitive advantage since they will have won the trust of the clients.

  1. Make use of Look-alike ads to Promote your e-commerce Business

Look-alike ads are Facebook mediums that utilize applications to recognize intended audiences. With look-alike ads, bloggers can reach their targeted audiences quickly and engage them with their brands. Look-alike ads have enabled e-commerce sellers to reach out to possible clients without sending out agents to the field. Therefore, freelance writers can as well utilize this opportunity by intensifying their revenue generation by reaching out to a broad audience.

  1. Use Pinterest to Entice Customers with Your Products

Upcoming businesses can make better profits by uploading photos of their brands on Pinterest boards. For one to upload the images one should have a Pinterest account, upload other individual's photographs and your snaps that are attractive. For example, if one's brands are clothes, upload a picture of the varieties of clothes that you have in stock and later write down the price of each and their qualities. Freelancers can as well pin info-graphic portfolio images of their services to increase awareness of their products.

  1. Use Twitter to Promote your Creative Writing Skills

Author Neil Gaiman through his twitter handle requested his followers to post questions and later answered them in short tales. An individual can interact with their followers by making series of a story into short tales severally.

  1. Promote your Copywriting Skills on Twitter and Facebook

Through Facebook and Twitter, freelancers can demonstrate their speech and syntax expertise. They can do this in their area of interest, such as fashion. Journalism and marketing skills are acquired as a result of constant blogging in the field of interest. Freelancers engage in copywriting since it is a hobby; however, they can turn this into a money generating activity. They can do it in their own free time as well as be hired to earn a living.

  1. Become Freelance Social Media Manager

The social media is continuously evolving. Business owners find it difficult to get updated on what is happening in the outside world since the social media consumes much of their time. For this reason, freelancers can make use of the social media management specialty to keep their clients updated thus saving them time. Through the social media manager, freelancers can earn income by charging each customer a monthly fee of up to $500 by keeping them informed on a daily basis as well as taking action on clients' complaints through customer service.

  1. Sharing Referral Links

Organizations use their affiliates to share links through the social media. The agencies reward the affiliates when they share the links with other individuals. Some shopping sites such as Ebates, Zulily, Groupon, and Swagbucks, may give you bonuses for the purchases you make or pay you for referrals you make. When every referred friend creates an account using the links, the company may increase rewards for the affiliate. The bloggers will always make an effort of sharing as many links as possible, to earn more income from the organization.

  1. Become Content Consultant by Mastering Instagram Stories

Instagram has outdone other social media platforms, such as Snapchat due to its new feature of Instagram Stories. Writing Instagram articles can be hectic especially on a daily basis, but brands have realized that stories are an ad vehicle for the intended audience. Freelance writers should be informed that through mastering of the Instagram content, they could give suggestions about brands and come up with subjects that interest their followers. Besides, to know the interests of the followers, they can as well make use of Instagram analytical tools.

In conclusion, taking advantage of the countless social media benefits is something freelance writers can simply do to profit from their potential writing innovativeness. Freelance writers can reap benefits by making more customers, understanding clients’ needs and make more money. On the contrary, social media can also be a waste ones time and not make money. Therefore, bloggers should be careful about how they use the social media and ensure that both their businesses and social media activities are at equilibrium.

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