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10 Best Girls' Night Movies

Image: best-girls-night-movies.jpg Looking for an interesting film to watch together with your girlfriends? Do you know what girls like most? Check this list of girls’ night movies and find it out.

Writing Tips: How to Avoid Business Writing Mistakes

Image: six-most-common-business-writing-mistakes.jpg Not that many of us dreamt of becoming writers in their childhood. However, in the modern world, we all have to write e-mails, reports, proposals, plans, and other business documents. The poignant truth is that those documents are usually poorly written.

Have you ever heard of Leicester City?

Image: fun-facts-sound-on-the-ball.jpg Well, if you are not that much interested in English football, just some short information: it is a football team that has won the English Premier League by completely outperforming such famous clubs as Arsenal, Chelsea, and Liverpool among others. Sounds like a fairy-tale, right? Here are some more fun facts that you may use to surprise your friends when sitting in a pub.