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10 Winning Hacks for Freelance Writers to Earn with Social Media

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For many freelance writers, social media remains to be untapped resource. With millions of prospective customers as well as interested readers continuously active in the social world, you can gain much more by creating awareness of your skills and written works across the social platforms. Social media has become an essential tool today making the world a global village.

Food Safety Brochure

Image: 2017-12/food-safety.jpg Nowadays food safety is of particular importance. Negligence or improper compliance with food safety rules can cause a range of illnesses from favorable to adverse outcomes. The following recommendations can help avoid and prevent many aspects of food safety violations.

Scholarship Essay Example: The Book That Changed My Life

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Being a teenage girl, I was only interested in fancy things that made me happy. The school was not among my priorities at that time, as I only went there to please my parents through scoring a high grade. I was pretty satisfied with my life then, until my sister went to college during summer time, which changed my life dramatically.

Сase Study: Histrionic Personality Disorder

Image: 2017-10/histrionic-personality-disorder.jpg A case study is a qualitative research method that involves the observation of a person, group, or community over an extended period to identify the process and development of a particular issue of interest.

Essay Example: Fast Food vs. Healthy Food

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A comparative essay is an essay that aims at comparing and contrasting two or more items highlighting both similar and different points of each of them. Arguments in such an essay should be backed up with facts, statistics, and examples, so a profound research of the necessary information is required.