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Literature Essay on Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

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Find out more about the most inspiring and enlightening “Autobiography” of Benjamin Franklin. He is really an outstanding writer, philosopher, social and political activist who can be fairly called a prototype of American successful personality.

Annotated Bibliography: Alcoholism

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Golding, J. M., Burnam, M., Benjamin, A., Wells, B., & Kenneth, B. (1992). Reasons for drinking, alcohol use and alcoholism among Mexican Americans and non-Hispanic Whites. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 6(3), 155-167. [PDF file]. Retrieved from PsycARTICLES database.

How to Write Hamburger Essay (5 Paragraph Essay)

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A lot of students tremble with fear when they hear the word “essay”. It's no wonder, however, as one needs to make a great statement, prove it, summarize; the whole work should be captivating, follow the right structure, contain fresh ideas. How to remember each detail and stay sane? Moreover, if you are passing a writing test, your time is often limited, so you have to think fast. In fact, there is a simple and easy-to-remember essay pattern that makes writing any type of essay a breeze, be it a narrative, critical lens, argumentative, or contrastive essay. Check out the following prompts towards a classic 5 paragraph essay format and put an end to doubts and fear while creating your A-Grade essay.

10 Winning Hacks for Freelance Writers to Earn with Social Media

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For many freelance writers, social media remains to be untapped resource. With millions of prospective customers as well as interested readers continuously active in the social world, you can gain much more by creating awareness of your skills and written works across the social platforms. Social media has become an essential tool today making the world a global village.

Food Safety Brochure

Image: 2017-12/food-safety.jpg Nowadays food safety is of particular importance. Negligence or improper compliance with food safety rules can cause a range of illnesses from favorable to adverse outcomes. The following recommendations can help avoid and prevent many aspects of food safety violations.