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Effects of Cartoons on Children

Image: Positive-Effect-of-Cartoons-on-Children.jpg Cartoons are favorite TV programs for children. They are bright, entertaining, funny, and usually accompanied by energizing music. Such features positively affect children’s mood. However, have you ever questioned yourself what the effects of cartoons on children are?

Ideas of Good Jobs for College Students

Image: summer-jobs-for-college-students.jpg Summer is coming and you want to earn some money for vacation. Some of you might not be tired of exams, research papers, essays, and presentations, so might thus have a desire to make some extra money instead of having rest for three months.

Enjoy Your Cheap Summer Vacations

Image: save-on-your-summer-vacation.jpg Do you fancy travelling around the world? If you are reading this article, then your answer is undoubtedly positive. Do Instagram photos of your friends from different tourist destinations make you jealous? How do they manage to travel without spending too much money?

Find Great Summer Jobs for College Students

Image: job-search.jpg Although summer holidays are still far away, we suggest that you start your job search right now since many recruiters are already hiring. Consider these tips to complete a smart search of your summer job.

Surviving Dorm Life Guide

Image: things-you-need-to-know.jpg Dorm life is absolutely different from the time when you lived in your parents’ house. Although it is a real fun to have your own private space, you should also take measures to prevent your new way of life from becoming a nightmare.