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Scholarship Essay Example: The Book That Changed My Life

Being a teenage girl, I was only interested in fancy things that made me happy. The school was not among my priorities at that time, as I only went there to please my parents through scoring a high grade. I was pretty satisfied with my life then, until my sister went to college during summer time, which changed my life dramatically.

At that time I was five years younger than my sister. Unfortunately, when she left for college, I got left all alone in a big house wondering what to do until I found a fascinating book by Emile Zola. The book captured my attention, making it easy for me to go through it within the shortest time. Zola’s Germinal book was a true savior for me, as it helped to reconsider my values and changed my outlook.

Zola’s Germinal was one of the best novels I have ever read in my entire life. It shaped my perspective on life thanks to revealing some characters' way of life (like Catherine). I was in a position to understand peoples suffering as a universal concept that can affect any person at any time. It was one of the most exciting novels that exposed me to the real world making me know the miner’s existence in my Nation. I had no idea about various challenges and suffering that those people go through in their life until I read this novel, which made me appreciate my life. Thanks to this novel, I became fond of reading other books that expose me to art and history, which is now my new adventure in life.

At this particular time, I’m already getting ready for the next level of joining college. Zola’s novel has opened me to the next phase of life. Life challenges are therefore a part of life that we all have to face at some point.

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